Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ashwin's Birthday Party

We celebrated Ashwin's 2nd year Bday party on Dec 15.I was just scanning his Bday photos and thought I should have posted about the party in my blog a longtime ago,this being a Milestone in his life.Another big reason for the post is 'The Birthday Cake'.Why ' The cake'?'ll find the answer in the photo.

We rented a hall at our community Park District.It was a 2hr Party.All his friends had come.Ashwin was astounded seeing all his friends at once.He was running around...trying to play,and engage everyone.But,less time didn't contribute much.Now,the main part in any Bday Party would be the cake.In Ashwin's party it was even more a special one.We ordered the cake from a friend of mine,Anitha.(You can find more about her and her designer cakes from her website : was a Pooh Bear themed cake.Those are not just any cakes..but speciality taste,texture,colors,customization and best of all the reasonable price.I wouldn't say her cakes are 'simply the best'...but,'specially the best'.It gained the most attraction in the party than Ashwin himself!! Even this nicely decorated cake couldn't escape being cut.I guess,That's the honor for the Bday cake itself.We all had a piece of the state-of-the-art work.Then the guests started leaving...and it was Ashwin's afternoon nap time.He did'nt wanna give up his nap, just because he turned 2!Then we packed our stuff...and it was even more than we actually brought in..counting all the Gifts!Ashwin had great fun...and so did we!!



Hi Ramya

I reached here through Anitha's blog..
You have written about the cake very sweetly!!
I bet Anitha's cake would have been a great hit!


Ramya said...

Hi Swati,

Happy New Year.Needless to say...Anitha's cake on Ashwin's bday was eye-catching.We all enjoyed tasting it too!!Thanks for visiting my blog.


Anitha said...

Thanks Ramya for all the appreciation about the cake.